ipod repairs


Smartronic is able to provide two types of service for your repair.  Not only can we fix your iPod we fix iPhones and iPads aswell as other smartphones android tablets and laptops.So help is at hand no matter what type of device you have.

Walk-in – take your iPod along to our store Smartronic and we will fix the problem as quick as possible some repairs can be done within one hour or while you wait.

Mail-in – the secure mail-in option is useful if you’re unable to get to the repair centre simpliy contact us via email or phone (available on our contact us page) to advise you are sending a repair then box up securely tracked and insured advised. On receipt of your iPod, we will contact you to let you know its arrived then complete your iPod repair advise you when completed and pack it up and mail it securely back to you tracked and fully insured (£500) for your piece of mind. Smartronic  offers a diverse range of iPod repair services including iPod screen replacements, iPod back cover replacements, volume and home button repairs, webcam repairs audio jack repairs microphone repairs, speaker repairs, water damage repairs, charger port repairs, solutions to sound problems and Wi-Fi problem resolution. All the parts and materials supplied and fitted used are top quality  replacement parts or are OE genuine to ensure you get the best possible service. Getting a quote for an iPod repair is quick and easy – just call our store Smartronic on 01543 329782 or visit our contact us page and fill in the form and we will come back to you with a quote that is sure to delight.Get your iPod back on line with a professional and cost-effective iPod repair service from Smartronic.

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